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Meet the Staff Team

Leadership Team

Mr C Eaglestone - Headteacher.

C Eaglestone

Mrs A Jones - Senior Assistant Head teacher: Inclusion and SEND.

Jones, A Senior Assistant Head







Mr P Waite - Assistant Head teacher: Personal Development and Assessment and Year 6 teacher.

Waite, P

Mrs L Lemon - Assistant Head teacher: Curriculum, Maths Lead and Year 6 teacher.

Lemon, L





Teaching Staff

Mr Waite  –  Year 6: Beethoven Class.

Waite, P

Mrs Lemon - Year 6: Beethoven Class.

Lemon, L

Miss Slipper - Year 6: Mozart Class.

Slipper, E

Miss Armstrong  - Maternity Leave.

Blank bio photo







Miss Oliver - Year 5: Elgar Class.

Oliver, P

Miss Billy - Year 5: Sibelius Class.

Blank bio photo







Mr Davis - Year 4: Baroque Class.

Davis, J

Miss Green - Year 3: Classical Class.

Green, L

Miss Smith - Year 2: Blues Class.

Smith, J

 Miss Pearson- Year 2: Rhythm Class.

Blank bio photo







Mrs Bruerton - Year 1: Symphony Class.


Bruerton, Lizzie

Mrs Alcock - Reception: Melody Class.

Alcock, C

Mrs Brewer - Reception: Harmony Class.

Bewer, N

Mrs Jones- Reception: Harmony Class.

Jones, A Senior Assistant Head

Miss Hegarty - Nursey Leader.

Hegarty, C

Miss Blaydes- Maternity Leave 

Blank bio photo







Mrs Vadivale- Maternity Leave

Blank bio photo








Mrs Flanagan - Pastoral Lead.

Flanagan, Anna






Mrs Ram - Teaching Assistant.

Ram, J

Miss Walls - Teaching Assistant.

Walls, jade

Teaching Assistants

Mrs Bourton

Bourton, T







Miss Boyce

Boyce, K







Mrs Bohm

Bohm, C







Miss Charlett

HS 101121121447







Ms Dodero

Blank bio photo







Mrs Dogar

Doga, S







Miss Gifford

Gifford, L







Ms Jabbar

Jabbar, F







Mrs Hart

Hart, J







Miss Hart

Hart, L







Ms Isichei

Isichei, Viktorija






Ms Lee

Lee, M







Mrs Northover - HLTA

Northover, P







Mrs Saunders

Saunders, S







Ms Watkins

Watkins, H







Ms Weller

Weller, E







Miss Wells

Wells, K







Mrs White - Speech and Language support

White, N

Mrs MacLachlan- Recovery Premium Tutor

Blank bio photo






Mr White - Sports Coach

Blank bio photo







Mrs Gunn

Blank bio photo

Miss Zimmer

Blank bio photo



Mrs Germain - Office Manager & PA to SLT

Germain, J







Mrs Dazley - HR Manager








Mrs Currill - Senior Administrator

Currill, Sandie

Ms Gunsett - School Admin Assistant

Gunsett, Vanessa

Lunchtime Staff

Mrs Govern - Cook

Mr Moniz De Araujo- Catering Staff

Ms Charlett - Midday Supervisor

Miss Godwin - Midday Supervisor

Site Staff

Mr Kirkby - Caretaker

Kirkby, M






Mrs Surman- Cleaner

Blank bio photo






Ms J Heath - Cleaner

Blank bio photo






Ms N Heath - Cleaner

Blank bio photo

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