Bayards Hill Primary School
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Apply for a place a Bayards Hill

Parents and carers can apply online via the Oxfordshire County Council website

Bayards Hill Primary School follows the Oxfordshire School Admissions process.

The County Council has clear, fair and agreed school admissions arrangements.

Admissions officers are responsible for:

  • Ensuring that the County Council has clear, fair and agreed school admissions arrangements.
  • Consulting on admissions arrangements for community and controlled schools
  • Allocating school places and determining the eligibility to free home to school transport, the latter in liaison with the Integrated Transport Unit
  • Providing relevant information for, and ensuring County Council representation at, admissions appeals.
  • Working closely with School Organisation Officers to ensure sufficiency of school places
  • Providing advice, guidance and data relating to admissions

Appeals Timetable

The admissions policy can be found in the 'Key Information', 'Policies' section of this website.

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